Budapest: St Stephen’s Basilica

For some reason it always takes me by surprise when a cathedral is “not that old” in my mind, which of course means it’s only 100 or 200 years old. The architecture is distinctly different, airy, light, romantic domes instead of imposing spires more palatial than older more gothic churches and cathedrals like the Notre Dame or Winchester Cathedral. St Stephen’s in Budapest is one of these newer airier cathedrals. It is free to enter with a donation to the church encouraged, and the inside is stunning! I couldn’t help but take a million photos of the beautiful gilt dome interior.

We always light a candle or two and take a quiet moment. It’s moments like these, in a truly beautiful cathedral that one remembers why these grandiose marvels of architecture exist. It’s easy to see how is days past people would have been awed by the majesty and glory of god if these cathedrals and churches were anything to go by. I’m not a specifically religious person, but I can and do really appreciate the contribution to stunning architecture and intricate history that religion has had over the centuries.



St Stephen’s by night
That Dome!

img_0741 img_0747


St Stephens Basilica also has a roof top access. When travelling through Europe, I find getting up to the top of the highest church is a fantastic way to get a beautiful view of whatever city you are in. And much to my pleasant surprise St Stephen’s has an elevator to get to the roof top instead of hundreds of spiral stairs – go new churches!!

So feeling irrationally guilty for taking the lift, up we went. The ticket for the rooftop was only 9 forint and the view was VERY beautiful. You can’t see the river from this angle but you can see the cute the red roofed houses of the pest area, the green-roofed Museum of Applied Arts and the Parliament building. There is something very Parisian about the streets of Pest, and I just fell in love with all the gorgeous buildings!


img_0765  img_0779  img_0775




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  1. amyawilliams says:

    Woah this basilica looks beautiful, and I’ve always wanted to go to Budapest! And omg it has an escalator c’:

    Little Moon Elephant


  2. I should have tried the rooftop!!


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