Széchenyi Baths Budapest

One of the things Budapest is known for is it’s many elegant thermal baths, and I had grand ideas of bath hopping our way around the city. But after spending HOURS in the Széchenyi Baths, Will said he was all “bathed out”. And in all honesty, we did spend hours lingering and lounging in the pools until our heads swam more than our bodies, and I needed to grab onto handrail for fear of fainting. Totally worth it!

The Széchenyi baths are situated in a very elegant neo-baroque building built in the early part of the 20th Century, it is also the largest complex of baths in Budapest. All the pools are mixed men and women, which is great if you’re visiting with your significant other – it does mean, however, you may be subjected to a hairy back or two!


As far as I can figure out, the outdoor baths, whilst being very pretty, are not actually mineral baths. We discovered this after wallowing for over an hour – inside there is a maze of different thermal baths! Some smaller, some larger, all hotter, all stinkier. Naturally I said we had to spend some time in each of these before we were allowed to leave, which is what then lead to me overheating and excessive head spins, whoopsies.


We emerged after sunset extremely dehydrated but nice and cozy warm, ready to wander home and figure out dinner.


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  1. So The Adventure Begins says:

    Budapest looks incredible, the baths particularly! What kind of mineral baths were they? I’m curious if they made your skin/hair feel healthier or softer etc? Would love to go one day!


    1. I don’t remember the specific minerals, but I did find a website that listed the minerals in each thermal bath around Budapest. I’ll have to search for it again!

      I think my hair felt the same, and my skin quite a bit softer! We went into thermal Onsens in Japan a few years ago, and that made my hair very shiny – maybe it’s the sulphur component? And definitely try to visit Budapest one day, I was pleasantly surprised by such a beautiful place!


      1. So The Adventure Begins says:

        Ah that sounds like such a useful website for making sure you get all you bathing detox! Sounds amazing, I’ll have to add going bathing in Japan to the list too!


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