Park Project: Richmond Park

Richmond Park is one of my favourite parks in London. It’s wild, and sprawling and you can imagine you’re in the woods in the countryside – so long as you’re facing away from the distant view of the Shard. Only a quick train or bus ride from Fulham, it’s perfect for a Sunday weekend adventure….

Park Project: Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park is up there as one of my favourite parks, it’s rather large – 395 acres in fact, and has quite a lot of variety. London Zoo is situated at a top corner of the park, and Primrose Hill further still, with amazing views over the city

Bishop’s Park

As promised, it’s own feature! Bishop’s Park sits along the Thames in Fulham, running from Putney Bridge to the Fulham Football Club grounds, called Craven Cottage for the little cottage encapsulated by the modern football stadium. Historically, Bishop’s Park was exactly that – and the Bishop’s Palace still stands with the oldest part of the building…

Easter in London

Easter Sunday at home is a family affair, hot cross buns in the morning followed by an Easter egg hunt – every year without fail – which may I add, I always win! Fast forward to Easter in Fulham. I had decided to bring together our little Fulham family plus our two Swiss visitors, for…