Autumn Getaway in Budapest

Okay, so I have been rather slack of late with posting, losing my phone whilst in Budapest certainly didn’t help – thank goodness for icloud. So forgive me, I know it is now winter and rapidly approaching Christmas even!

We spent four wonderful days exploring Budapest at the end of October. A Seriously beautiful city that took me by surprise. I had heard it was beautiful, and I had heard it was underrated, but I still was surprised by just how beautiful and just how underrated it is!

There is something wonderful about going somewhere with no preconceived ideas or expectations, and just being blown away. It’s one of my absolute favourite things about travelling.

The autumn colours looked beautiful in Budapest, and it was still mild enough most days to need just my light(er) coat. We stayed in a rather ahem, interesting air BnB. Right in the centre of the VII district, amongst bars and restaurants. Little did we know, we were staying in the Budapest equivalent of Surfers Paradise!

Our BnB seemed to be less than structurally sound, and arriving in the dark, late at night I was sure we had accidentally booked a murder den!! In the more practical light of day, a murder den it was not, however it still didn’t strike me as structurally sound!

The stairwell for the building had its windows smashed out, and the veranda one needed to walk on to get to one’s front door seemed to be supported by rickety wooden posts!

Send help! We’re staying in a ruin!

So I know Ruin Bars are a thing in Budapest – but what about Ruin BnBs?!

Does this seem safe to you?!

Luckily for us, the inside was more than adequate and the location was a base for exploring this beautiful city.


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  1. kenza says:

    I didn’t know what to expect of Budapest before going there but I’ve definitely fallen in love with the city.

    Kenza from


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