We found {Mediterranean} Paradise

Finally weather and warmth were on our side and we decided to check out a nearby cove that looked stunning. Calo des Moros was a little tricky to find, but boy was it worth it!

The route to get there, once we found it, was a dry and dusty path followed by a steep and precarious descent on hand hewn steps in the cliffside. Once you scrabble down you are treated to the most exquisite view of blue on blue. I have to say my heart actually lifted.

Calo des Moro is a narrow inlet framed by yellowy cliffs fringed in pine trees with a tiny strip of sand for lounging at the bottom of the precarious stairs.

Seems I was so enraptured, all I have is 10 photos that look pretty much like this

Of course Will somehow found a cliff jump – one of the scarier ones for me to watch! First balancing on the razor sharp submerged rocks to hoist himself onto an equally sharp ledge and the clambering along the vertical edges of the cliffside reminiscent of some form of rock spider. When that was achieved successfully without the spilling of blood, of course he felt compelled to clamber even higher across an even more vertical section of cliffside to launch into the crystal blue waters below.

Later on, more and more people started clambering down the rough steps to the cove, we decided the check out the other side of the point – Cala s’Almunia. The crystal clear water was perfect for snorkelling and with the sun shining, we were happy just frolicking in the water for hours. I mean hours, I emerged wrinkled like a prune, and probably just as dehydrated! And how bloody cute is this little old boat house?!


Stairway to heaven?



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