Easter in London

Easter Sunday at home is a family affair, hot cross buns in the morning followed by an Easter egg hunt – every year without fail – which may I add, I always win!

Fast forward to Easter in Fulham. I had decided to bring together our little Fulham family plus our two Swiss visitors, for a little more demure version – a champagne picnic amongst the blossom trees and squirrels in Bishop’s Park. Afterwards waltzing down to watch the famous Oxford vs Cambridge boat race, held every Easter Sunday.

Continuingย a tradition started by my Mum and Dad, W and I homemade a double batch of Hot Cross Buns in the morning. Which we discovered, to mutual baffled hilarity, is not a tradition in Switzerland.


I had visions of Bellini’s in the sun, fresh hot cross buns with jam and cream, cucumber sandwiches and chocolate Easter eggs. However as usual, London had other ideas, sending through rain and strong winds and hail stones!

Not one to give up on a picnic plan, we settled for an indoor picnic and a quick blustery dash up the road to the boat race.




After one (a few) too many Bellini’s we scarpered back to the flat to finish off the sandwiches, and all being of sound mind decided that the pub was the next logical step.




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