Bishop’s Park

As promised, it’s own feature!

Bishop’s Park sits along the Thames in Fulham, running from Putney Bridge to the Fulham Football Club grounds, called Craven Cottage for the little cottage encapsulated by the modern football stadium.

Historically, Bishop’s Park was exactly that – and the Bishop’s Palace still standsย with the oldest part of the building dating from 1495. However, as with many historic buildings in England, later owners have sought to modernise and improve them, leaving a mish-mash of architectural styles in their wake. It is still an impressive and picturesque building no matter the architecture style.

A view of the Palace from the Walled Garden

One of my favourite features of Bishop’s Park is the old walled garden. Originally housing the Bishop’s private kitchen garden, it is now an oasis of calm in the midst of the city. Birds sing, flowers bloom and the sun shines (the wind is blocked by the walls). There is a huge winding wisteria, and I just can’t wait for it to bloom!

The walled garden




The park also has a little bit of a “woodland track” as I like to call it, you can be forgiven for forgetting you’re in London here.



As I mentioned, the park flanks the Thames, with a path frequented by dog walkers and joggers, I myself like to wander along at high tide, taking in the beauty of it.

The Thames Path
Sunset from the Thames Path

There is a green grassy meadow in between the Bishop’s Palace and the walled garden – I have nicknamed it squirrel field, because on a quiet day there are upwards of 20 squirrel bounding across it the cute way they do. They are also very inquisitive and fairly friendly!

IMG_8322 (1)
Making friends in Squirrel Field
“Squirrel Field”
All Saint’s Church – at the Putney Bridge end of the park



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  1. plannergraph says:

    Thanks for sharing! This place is beautiful and very peaceful. I just bookmarked it on my site (, hope this is okay : )


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