A lake at the top of the Mountains

Oeschinensee is a picturesque alpine lake hidden at the top of the mountains, and one of the largest alpine lakes in Switzerland. The day we visited it was quite cloudy, and we almost called off going due to the weather thinking there would be a heavy cloud sitting on top of the alps, making it rather difficult to appreciate the beauty of the location. Luckily the clouds were not too heavy, and seemed to add to the majesty of the alps towering over the lake.


As with most Swiss Alps, you can walk. We opted for the more time-efficient option of taking the gondola. And, as with most Swiss Alps, it may set you back a pretty penny.

Once out, there is a short walk through the picturesque woods to get to the lake. We met some friendly Swiss cows along the way, their bells tinkling out a tune whilst they ate wildflowers. The young calves even let us come up and feed them by hand. I mean, what can be cuter than feeding flowers to cute little calves with bells tinkling around their necks?! I may have taken too many photos. Sorry not sorry.



We gathered wild blueberries and wildflowers in the woods singing as we went, sounds cheesy, but true.

We finally rounded the corner and were treated to this magnificent view… cue swelling majestic movie score!

img_9385img_2461img_9387 img_9390

We went for a wander beside the lake, almost tripping over a cute family of ducks!






img_9459 img_9406

img_9420 img_9425


Once we had our fill of exploring, we stopped off in the chalet for an obscenely overpriced lunch before heading back to Thun.



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  1. tinyweepanda says:

    Some brilliant pictures there!! 🙂


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