Why you should add Thun to your Switzerland Intinerary

Little Thun is a beautiful town, much overlooked in favour of more well known Zurich or Interlaken and is a perfect base or stop over on a Switzerland trip.

Okay, I will admit that I am a little biased! We have some very good friends who are from Thun, with whom we have spent many a happy winters day and this summer, a very happy warm summer week. Making me also a little reluctant to let you in on our little secret…

So here goes; some of the reasons we love Thun;

  1. Oodles of Swiss charm


I mean seriously, check out that bridge covered in flowers, with a castle in the background?! As yet, largely undiscovered as a tourist destination, Thun is the picture perfect image of a Swiss town, cheese shops and mountain views, a cute old town filled with locals bumping into each other giving each other kisses on the cheek.

An oldie but a goodie – Thun in winter circa 2014
Blurry, but beautiful


2. The Thunersee – Lake of Thun


Thun sits on the Thunersee, with Interlaken at the opposite end, sitting astride where the lake flows into the Aare river. Meaning that everywhere you turn there is stunning views and vistas across the lake, and offering the perfect excuse for gorgeous little roofed bridges covered in flowers to dot all around the town.

Another massive positive about this beautiful lake; in summer you can swim in it! Albeit a little chilly, jumping in is totally worth it – the water is so clean and crystal clear. In fact, the water is so clean they have even had issues in the past with the lake being too clean, and concerns that the fish had nothing to eat!


You can watch the locals (or participate, as we did) jumping off the bridges into the river and floating downstream or surfing in the waves off the bridges. Yes! River surfing! Another fun summer activity is Aare Bootle – floating downriver from Thun to Bern in inflatable boats lapping up the sunshine, but more on that later!


Careful of locals on the lake!


 3. Beautifully scenic

img_9201 img_9060

These factors combined make Thun a breathtakingly beautiful place, everywhere you look you will be tempted to take out your phone to snap a photo.


Not technically Thun, it’s Oberhofen, but technically beautifully scenic so there you go.

4. Good base for many alps

Thun’s location means it is a good stop to check out some of the surrounding Alps. We have visited the Niederhorn, Niesen and the Stockhorn on foot and snowboarded Abelboden and Lenk which are all a short drive away from Thun.



5. Thun has a castle

img_9455 img_9454

In terms of “tourist sights”, Thun is a little lacking. But it does have a fairytale castle topped with turrets. Built in the 12th Century, the castle has seriously beautiful views over Thun, the lake and the alps, and has historical and educational exhibits about Thun and the castle inside. Also it makes all your photos of Thun extra awesome.

6. Muneplatz

The main square of the town, surrounded by cool restaurants and bars and fringed by the beautiful roofed bridges. A perfect place for a night out, or to while away the afternoon drinking Aperol Spritz. Weirdly, I don’t have any photos of the Muneplatz

7. Kick ass Bagel Shop

Across from the train station is Mani’s the best bagels in town – and probably the best I’ve ever had.

8. Swiss Food

I mean, not technically exclusive to Thun, swiss food is just awesome cheesy goodness and deserved a little mention.

img_9181 img_8918




So have I managed to convince you to visit Thun? Actually, on second thoughts, don’t visit, as you can see it’s just awful…

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  1. tinyweepanda says:

    God, I’m so jealous! Switzerland is suuuper high on my travel bucketlist!
    I have been to the french Alps and in Alsace which have similar culture and architecture and I just love it!


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