Highland Dreaming

I don’t know about you, but before I go travelling I always like to read a book, watch a movie or tv show that just makes me burst with excitement to visit that place.

I have googled on countless occasions lists of books to read to inspire travel, and found them remarkably uninspiring. I’m not into biographies in the slightest and veer more into historical fiction territory to get me in the wanderlust mood.

I recently started (and rapidlyย finished) reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, and I have this intense yearning to go exploring the Scottish Highlands. Recently turned into a TV series, Outlander puts onto the screen Diana Gabaldon’s captivating descriptions of the highlands for people who have never seen the wild beauty of Scotland.

Once upon a time, I lived a year on the edge of the highlands in a little town called Crieff for my gap year. I freely admitย as an 18 year old girl I didn’t appreciate the beauty of the setting in which I lived, but it has left me with a deep seated appreciation for Scotland and it’s wild and rugged beauty.

There is just something about Scotland that captures the imagination. The windswept landscape, muted greens and dusky browns of the heather, the high and wild places that keep their ancient secrets to themselves.

So thus inspired, tomorrow we are off to relive my highland dream. Off for a week to camp amongst those high and wild places, and hopefully our tent doesn’t blow away whilst we sleep!

I am an outdoorsy girl, and I have been camping many times in Australia, but I can’t help feeling a little underprepared with our freebie tent and sleeping bags from my sister when she went to Glastonbury. We shall see….





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