Another day, another breathtaking beach on the Algarve

We started off our day walking on the beach lazing by the pool at our villa just letting my skin soak in some vitamin D that we so rarely get in London. So by the time we decided we would go explore Lagos it was already well past lunch time!

By the pool

We spent an hour or two exploring Lagos, it didn’t make a strong impression on me. It seemed like a lot of hostels and souvenir shops, so it wasn’t long before we left to check out the main attraction and the reason why I suggested a drive to Lagos – Ponta de Piedade.



Ponta de Piedade

Pretty as a postcard, and one of the top photos if you google “Algarve” I just had to see it with my own eyes. Okay, so this place is hard to find! A super short drive from Lagos to the lighthouse on the point. Thinking logically, we figured the beach wouldn’t be at the tip of the point, as the ocean would be too rough. So we wandered lost and very hot until finally we found the entrance to the stairs down, lets just say we were wrong about our logic! The entrance to the stairs is to the right of the lighthouse, obscured by a couple of little shops and cafes.

As soon as you walk to the first landing you are treated with the most beautiful view of the rocky coastline that forms the Pinta de Piedade. When we were there it was low tide, which was a shame because we were all desperate for a swim. I simply couldn’t resist and Angelina and I managed to clamber down to the rocks, which was no mean feat, with a drop of about 2 meters we half abseiled half fell down to the rocks. We had a bit of a rock hop and explore right out to the archway rock formation! I think at high tide you wouldn’t be able to do very much exploring due to all the boat tours zipping in and out of the rocks.

IMG_0915 IMG_0930 IMG_0947 IMG_0910 (1)

After we climbed back up the 200 something steps to the top we were in desperate need of a beach to swim at. We popped around the corner to Praia de Balança and weren’t disappointed! A stunning beach framed by the warm yellowy sandstone cliffs, and it’s own archway formation that we swam out to and underneath – if only we thought to bring our snorkels!! There were fishermen spear fishing out there, and after a close shave with my calf nearly being skewered we decided best to head back in, not least of which by now it was 6:30pm and time to think about what to accompany our rosé with!

IMG_0933 IMG_0935



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  1. tinyweepanda says:

    You are definitely changing my mind about Portugal post by post… 😉


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