From Lisbon to the Coast – seaside towns and standing stones

On our drive from Lisbon to our villa in the Algarve we made a couple of interesting stops.

Lunch in the cute seaside town of Sesimbra, which was all pretty tiles, beach forts, colourful umbrellas, freezing ocean, seafood and wine.

We stopped for a relaxing lunch of octopus salad, grilled monkfish and prawns and washed it down with a refreshing glass of white wine. We didn’t have a lot of time to wander around, just dipped our feet into the freezing Atlantic ocean for the first time and wandered back to the car. I think perfect for a lunch stop, and you wouldn’t need much more time than that.

Our second, more adventurous stop involved a rather long drive on an extremely unsealed road, with potholes the size of swimming pools and huge clouds of dust billowing in our wake. Surrounded by a forest of cork trees, dry grass and wildflowers we bounced along to check out the “Portuguese Stonehenge” the Amendrea Cromeleque.

I personally found it fascinating, others deemed it a pile of rocks. Although not as impressive as Stonehenge in stature, I found the curiously egg shaped rocks just as fascinating. To think that two groups of people miles apart and extremely unlikely to ever encounter one another would have the same mysterious concept. Pretty amazing.

Getting there: Only possible by car as far as I know, we were en route to Evora. I really enjoyed it, but would only recommend to people who were particularly enthusiastic as the drive out there requires a bit of commitment!



IMG_0643 IMG_0647 IMG_0649

IMG_0653 IMG_0678 IMG_0681IMG_0689 IMG_0691





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