Dublin in 24 hours: Trinity College

To round off our mini Irish getaway, we spent an afternoon and morning exploring Dublin. Since we were quite limited on time, we only saw a select few of the “sights” to see, and settled for wandering around absorbing the atmosphere of the vibrant Irish capital.

A highlight for me was Trinity College, and it’s absolutely stunning old library. The beautiful green grounds are reminiscent of Trinity College Cambridge, and we wandered around to find the Book of Kells, the prize exhibit of the College.

The Book of Kells is a very ancient Book of Gospels, from around the 9th Century. Very richly decorated, and very very old. When you read the history surrounding the book and how many times the monastery housing it was burnt to the ground, it’s surprising that it has managed to survive to this day. Of course you aren’t allowed to take photos, but the display is interesting and educational and it is well worth the line and fee to see it.


 IMG_9763 (1) IMG_9760

Once through the Book of Kells display you pop out into the beautiful old library, the Long Room. Filled to the brim with old books, bound in faded leather, a vaulted ceiling and marble busts lining the hall. A fairytale library if there ever was one.

IMG_9778 IMG_9774 IMG_9767



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  1. This was nice to read, I love dublin! It’s hard to fit everything in 24 hours right? Welcome to my world!! Haha


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