Climbing the Causeway Coast

We had a little Irish getaway this weekend just passed, we went and stayed with some family friends in Portrush in Northern Ireland for 3 nights and then 1 night in Dublin to round off our mini getaway.

The weather was uncharacteristically beautiful and we spend a glorious sunny Saturday morning walking along the Causeway Coast from Dunseverick to the Giant’s Causeway.

This is a jaw droppingly beautiful part of the world. I’ll let my amateur iPhone photos speak for themselves, but whilst you’re looking, try to imagine a crisp sea breeze bringing salty scents of the sea, mixing with the strangely coconut scented yellow gorse flowers flourishing on both sides of the path and the distinctly rural smell of mud and grass.


IMG_9608 IMG_9540

We walked along the cliff-tops until we reached “the Bothy” I’m guessing a quirk of Irish slang as I had no idea what this was – apparently it means a small shack or cottage. Kerry’s dad had rented it off the council and refurbished it as a spot for kayakers to stay over – he is a very keen kayaker and has been all over the coast, even kayaked to the Scottish coast from here! We clambered down the steep winding goat track to get to the bottom for a picnic and maybe a quick dip for the crazy amongst us!

Keep in mind, this was the first time we had been to the coast and seen the sea since we left home, where the ocean was an integral part of daily life just breathing the fresh sea air was rejuvenating. But just looking and breathing wasn’t enough for W who went for a quick dip in the Northern Atlantic ocean!! Crazy man! It was 10C degrees – pretty damn chilly, and trust me when I say his reaction to jumping into the icy water was hilarious!!

IMG_9532 IMG_9538 IMG_9546 IMG_9561 IMG_9563 IMG_9870


After a less than rejuvenating clamber back up said steep and windy goat track, we continued on along the cliffs towards the Giant’s Causeway. We saw countless sheep perched on the cliffside, and a group of seals frolicking in the crystal clear pools and eddies.


By the time we rounded the corner in the direction of the Giant’s Causeway, it looked a sad pile of rocks compared to the spectacular coastline of the walk we had just done, and the big tour buses and swarming tourists did little to improve it’s appeal UNESCO world heritage site or no! We observed from afar atop the cliffs, and continued on without stopping!

IMG_9800 IMG_9599



2 Comments Add yours

  1. tinyweepanda says:

    The Giant’s Causeway is on my top10 List of things I want to do on this trip so I hope it won’t be that bad 😉
    We’ll see! haha


    1. Oh no – it isn’t bad! I have been before, and it is very cool. It’s just not AS spectacular as the surrounding coastline. When you go you will have to make sure you do the coastal walk!


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