Rainy Free London: Natural History Museum

I am still undecided whether the Natural History Museum is my thing or not. I enjoyed seeing the many Plesiosaurus fossils, but have to admit to a squeamish distaste for the glass cabinet filled with hundreds of tiny hummingbirds with dead bead eyes. Whether my thing or not, it is still a great place for a lazy explore on one of the many rainy days London has to offer, it also comes under the enticing category of free – well encouraged donation, but that’s for people who aren’t poor surely!

It does have an interesting collection of extinct animals, giant moa birds, sabre tooth tigers and the like, and quite a lot about dinosaurs of course. However, the glass cabinets filled with lifeless birds did give me the creeps a bit. A great place to take kids and show them the wonders of the earth and evolution. We spent only a couple hours one afternoon, saving up a longer exploration for another rainy day.

The building itself is stunning. The Hintze Hall, a startling ode to symmetry and openness you can see the vision of the architect, who wanted to create a cathedral to nature.

IMG_8516 IMG_8518

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  1. tinyweepanda says:

    I took my wee sister there when she came to visit me and the only thing I remember are the baby dinosaurs coming out of the eggs! haha


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