Rainy Free London: British Library

As I sit here, I can hear the rain pattering against the window outside. London has quite the reputation for it’s rainy and drizzly weather, and it isn’t unfounded! However, when it strikes on a weekend, there are plenty of places to go an escape the weather for free.I don’t like to spend a sunny afternoon stuck indoors, I like to take advantage to explore parks, outdoor markets and the like. So I have been banking my rainy days up, exploring these places a day at a time, taking my time so not to exhaust the options too soon. So far I have spent some time at the Natural History Museum, the V&A museum, the National Gallery and the British Library. Mind you, none of these places have been fully explored, saved for a rainy day!

One of these days, in between job interviews with 3 hours to spare and no time to go home and back, I stumbled upon the British Library. Located next to the imposing gothic building of the St Pancras Train Station, I wandered in simply to get out of the rain and while away the hours until my next interview. I stumbled into the Treasures of the British Library and I was suitably awestruck. Embarrassed to admit I didn’t really know it was there or what was in it, my happy accident turned into a very interesting couple of hours pouring over old manuscripts and ancient bibles. I got in trouble for taking photos – but I did get a couple of sneaky snaps before I did.

Some of the most famous articles in the exhibition include; The Magna Carta, a Gutenberg Bible, Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook, Shakespeare’s folio. I was amazed to see a letter written in the hand of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII, one of the early bibles written in English and hand written Beatles lyrics on scraps of paper.








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