A Day in Cambridge

A lazy Saturday, with sun shining through the spires of the illustrious Colleges. Wandering along the river, lazily watching the students punt their boats up and down and wishing my university looked a quarter as beautiful as Cambridge.

Many of the Colleges were closed for exams the day we came to Cambridge including the illustrious Kings College. So we settled for admiring the architecture from the outside and enjoying all the greens and blues the day had on show for us. Since we were trying to enjoy a day trip away from London for as little as possible, we baulked at the £9 fee to enter Kings College Chapel – we will just have to come back another time!


We did pay the lesser fare of £3 to enter Trinity College’s quadrangle. The oldest part of the University, it was founded by Henry VIII in 16th Century. Coming of a Tudor’s Netflix binge, I felt every bit the history buff.



Ornate ceiling in Trinity College Chapel
Sir Isaac Newton – physics bae

We took our time enjoying watching people punt up and down the river, some boats are manoeuvred expertly by students, and some you can seemingly hire out – much to our amusement, there seems to be a bit of a knack for punting, which many of these people did not possess. Flailing about running into the concrete banks of the river.




After a lazy lunch at “Bread and Meat” – would definitely recommend – we wandered along in the grassy area behind the colleges, hoping to find an entrance in order to explore more thoroughly. We were in luck! We meandered around the grounds of St John’s College for a good while in the afternoon soaking up the fresh air and spring weather. Finally settling down to a sunny evening cider opposite Kings College, before a mad dash back to the train station.










Sunny Cambridge Evening

5 Comments Add yours

  1. aliciasunday says:

    Thanks for the tip about ‘Bread and Meat’, I work so close to it and have never been in. Also interesting how much the different colleges charge. Lovely photos.


    1. Thank you! It is a beautiful place, lucky you!


  2. tinyweepanda says:

    Great pictures! I’m currently on a road trip around the UK and we should get to Cambridge in a couple of weeks so this was helpful! Thanks 🙂


    1. I’m glad you found it helpful! Where else are you heading to?


  3. tinyweepanda says:

    Oh god… Hopefully almost everywhere^^ Here is the places we’ve been to so far : https://myadventuresovertherainbow.wordpress.com/where-am-i-3/
    Then after York the plan is : peak district, Nottingham, Norfolk coast, Cambridge, London, Surrey, Brighton, Devon, Cornwall and then following the West Coast back up to the Lake District, go all around Ireland and then if we have time, we’ll do the North of Scotland 🙂
    Are you from London or are you just studying there?


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