A Weekend in Copenhagen

A weekend in early March, a trip away to celebrate my birthday. We decided to try and catch a lingering winter wonderland feel by going somewhere where it might snow – if we were lucky. And we were!

We arrived on Saturday afternoon, and caught the train to our air bnb located in the “trendy hipster” area of Vesterbro. The first thing that struck me about Copenhagen, apart from the chill in the air, was the lack of hustle and bustle! The streets were so quiet around the Vesterbro, it was almost a little eerie.

Owing to the last minute nature of the trip, I have to admit I hadn’t done an awful lot of research on the sights and history of Copenhagen, but I was very excited at our first venture into Scandinavia and more than happy to just wander around, explore and eat some delicious food!

Speaking of which, our first night we ate out at Kødbyens Fiskebar a fish restaurant-cum-bar in the trendy former meat market. It was heaving by the time we arrived, but we managed to snag a spot pretty quickly.

Seared scallops with pear and pine

Day 2 – my birthday! If you ask W, I am very slow to get out of bed and get ready, and even slower on my birthday. Waking up to a steely sky and an icy touch in the air, I languished in bed whilst W sorted out birthday brunch. By the time I was up and ready the drizzle that had been falling from the sky all morning had magically turned itself into big fat fluffy snowflakes. To me there is something magical about falling snow.

Across the road from our accommodation was an amazing little cafe packed with locals, that offered up a rather unique concept for brunch!

Choose between 3, 5 or 7 items and then get ticking!! Not only was it fun, but it was delicious!



After thoroughly filling our bellies, we rolled out of brunch and got on with exploring the city. First stop was Nyhavn harbour – the typical Copenhagen shot. By now the snow had turned back into drizzle and it was thoroughly freezing and I’m not afraid to admit we took shelter in one of the cute pubs on the harbourside for an hour or so.


Did I mention it was freezing?


to be continued….

2 Comments Add yours

  1. George Boston says:

    Very beautiful area,this has to be the trip of a lifetime, almost like a fairy tale . Very happy for both of you.


  2. George Boston says:

    Impressive ! You and William need to continue on this adventure and keep producing this wonderful blog !


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